US Brand Collaboration

Jamberry by M.Global works diligently to provide you with the most exciting and cutting-edge fashion products to promote in your business. One way we do this is by forming collaborations with a variety of brands through specific license agreements. These collaborations include:

·       NFL Collection by Jamberry

·       NBA Collection by Jamberry

·       Peanuts Collection by Jamberry

·       Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry


When promoting and marketing Mglobal’s collaborations with the brands listed above, Associates must abide by the following rules:

·       When talking about M.Global’s working relationship with each brand, you must use the words “collaboration” or “collaborate”. You may not use the words “partnership” or “partner”.

·       When referring to the products created for the collaboration between M.Global and each brand, you must specifically use: 

·       “Disney Collection by Jamberry” and not “Disney by Jamberry”, or any other variation.

·       “MARVEL presented by Jamberry” and not “Marvel”, “Marvel Comics”, or any other variation.

·       “NFL Collection by Jamberry” and not “NFL” or “NFL Football”, or any other variation.

·       "NBA Collection by Jamberry" and not "NBA" or "NBA Basketball", or any other variation.

·       "Peanuts Collection by Jamberry" and not "Peanuts", or any other variation.

·       "Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry" and not "Wonder Woman", or any other variation.

·       "Star Wars Collection by Jamberry" and not "Star Wars", or any other variation. 


·       M.Global will create marketing materials that Associates can use to promote products from each collaboration. These marketing materials, which include social media squares, Facebook banners, and promotional videos are approved by each brand (i.e. NFL, NBA, etc.) before M.Global provides them to Associates for use. You may not change or alter these marketing materials in any way. You must also only use these marketing materials M.Global provides to you, which means you may not use outside sources or images when promoting any collaboration.

·       You may not post your personal website URL on any official platforms for the brands with whom M.Global has collaborated (i.e.NFL, NBA, etc.) including but not limited to all brand owned Instagram accounts, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc.

·       As a U.S. Associates, you are not allowed to sell these wraps to Associates or customers in markets where the brands are unavailable. These markets include:

·       NFL Collection by Jamberry: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

·       NBA Collection by Jamberry: Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

·       Peanuts Collection by Jamberry: Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

·       Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

·       Star Wars Collection by Jamberry: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Be aware that if you break the rules for promoting products in these licensed collaborations, M.Global will take the following disciplinary actions:

·       First Offense - You will be suspended for 1 week and asked to remove any non-compliant content immediately from social media site(s). If the post is not removed within 24 hours, your Associate account will be terminated.

·       Second Offense - Your Associate account will be automatically terminated without warning.

Please also note that although there is a collaboration between M.Global and these brands, all images used on products that are part of the collaboration are produced under a specific agreement between the brand and M.Global. This means, it does not extend to any specific images, names, or logos for that brand that you or your customers submit to Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio (NAS). All such items fall under the NAS Terms and Conditions and are not allowed.