PreWorkout Pixie

Avisae’s PreWorkout Pixie is a tasty direct to mouth powder designed to boost energy levels, increase focusand reduce fatigue.* Made only with clean, plant-based ingredients, it delivers clean fuel in the form of our Pixie Power Blends including vitamin B12, plant sourced nitric oxide, amino acids and antioxidants.

Whether you just want an extra boost of energy and mental alertness or you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, PreWorkout Pixie’s unique formula provides quality whole food nutrition that drives results without any of the fillers that weigh you down.

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An important nutrient required for fat and carbohydrate metabolism, is often depleted in vegans as well as athletes. We added 220 mcg of wholefood vitamin B12 to optimize energy production, naturally increasing workout results.*


PreWorkout Energy + Focus utilizes a unique nitric oxide blend consisting only of veggies including Organic Kale, Red Spinach and Beets rich in nitrates to deliver oxygen and fuel to muscles.*


We deliver quality whole food nootropics, vitamins and minerals to provide energy, keep you focused, delay the onset of muscle soreness and reduce fatigue.*