Lyndsey Ekstrom


Lyndsey Ekstrom

As one of the three founding sisters, Lyndsey is heavily involved with design, product development, and testing, National Conference, the catalogs and any other major aspects of the company. Anything that Jamberry releases, you can be sure she has tried and approved it herself.

Born and raised in Lindon, Utah, Lyndsey attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy and worked as a massage therapist before having her second child and before Jamberry started. When Jamberry launched back in 2010, Lyndsey not only invested a lot of her time on this business venture, but she also offered up space in her home. The very beginning of Jamberry production started in her own garage and basement.

Even though she’s a tomboy at heart, Lyndsey has helped add many unique and fun designs to Jamberry’s product line. Together with her sisters, she has helped Jamberry become a brand that captures a wide variety of styles and tastes, making it possible for everyone to find something to love.

Along with running a company with her two sisters, Lyndsey is a full-time mom and wife, and somehow manages to find time to read, exercise, go camping and ride bikes with her kids.

Of course Jamberry is among her many loves. Lyndsey is very proud of everything Jamberry represents as a company and a brand. “I really enjoy working with my two best friends, and empowering other women. Not only that, but I love seeing other women change their lives. Hearing their stories is incredible. And designing is fun.”

Favorite nail wrap: Metallic Gold Pinstripe