UK Brand Collaboration

Brand Collaboration Restrictions

Due to global licensing restrictions, the following Jamberry brand collaborations are not available in the United Kingdom.

  • The Disney Collection by Jamberry
  • MARVEL presented by Jamberry
  • NFL Collection by Jamberry
  • NBA Collection by Jamberry
  • Peanuts Collection by Jamberry
  • Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry

This means Consultants and customers in the United Kingdom cannot currently purchase products from these collaborations. You are also not allowed to seek out these products for resell or to offer to others.

Be aware that if you seek out products from these licensed collaborations for resell or offer to others, Jamberry will take the following disciplinary actions:

  • First Offense - You will be suspended for 1 week.
  • Second Offense - Your Consultant account will be automatically terminated without warning.