Let's face it, how we care for our hair needs to change. Daily washing with harsh detergents, over-processing with heat and chemicals, and the use of hot tools has left out hair looking tired, stressed and hungry for nourishment. It's time to rethink hair care. We know that with the right routine, products, and care, it's possible to train your hair to look and feel its best, naturally.

The Line-Up


Rejuvenate Hair Mask

A proprietary essential oil blend that improves hair strength, moisture level, shine, and the appearance of overall hair and scalp health.


Reframe Cleansing Balm

An alternative to shampoo and conditioner meant to cleanse, condition, protect, and strengthen your hair.


Resist Protective Protein Mist

An effective yet gentle multi-tasker spray that delivers proteins to hair for greater repair, hydration, and shine.