A Uniting of Common Values and Purpose

Smart. Simple. And created with YOU in mind.

With the coming together of M.Global, Jamberry and Avisae, three amazing brands and opportunities are united to form BeneYOU — history in the making!

About M Reacting to studies that showed as much as 75% of Americans were under-hydrated, founder Ryan Anderson and partners began M in 2016 with the idea that they could deliver wellness with hydration “sticks” that would target the body’s need for energy, weight loss, immune-system support and more. They quickly built the company into an international network of distributors intent on creating a better life for 1 million families.

About Jamberry Sisters Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth and Keri Evans began Jamberry with the concept that styling your nails could do more than just look great. With a social selling as its model, Jamberry became the standard by which all direct-selling beauty companies would be measured.

Jamberry joined M in June 2018.

About Avisae Avisae has established itself as a leader in the gut-health industry with their Love Your Gut™ products. Avisae is committed to providing an amazing business opportunity, offering amazing products, and always seeking to improve health and quality of life.

Avisae joined M and Jamberry in November 2018.