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The fun of a

Jamberry party

Fashion & fun at your fingertips

It's never been easier to host a party and have a blast while earning free nail wraps and other Jamberry products!

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Host rewards at your fingertips

Host a party and earn free nail wraps, product credit, discounts, free shipping, and host exclusive items!

All parties reaching $100 or more receive 1 free sheet of nail wraps PLUS...

Product credit
Half-off items
Discount on host order
Exclusive item
Months of free shipping*
*Consultants excluded from earning the Free Shipping Reward.
**Add $25 for every $100 of guest sales over $1,000

Convenience at your fingertips

Your Jamberry consultant has your best interests in mind!

Your party truly is your party and every consultant is dedicated to customizing it to fit your personality and needs. If you’re not up to hosting a party in your home, host a party online and never get out of your chair!

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What type of party are you going to throw?

  • Home party

    Bring the fun home by hosting a Jamberry party at your house! With the help of a Consultant, you and your friends get to apply a sample of Jamberry nail wraps and share a night of fun and fashion together.

    Online party

    Is hosting an in-home party not your style? Consider hosting a Jamberry party on Facebook and invite friends from across the nation! Your consultant will help you manage the flow and you'll still get to enjoy the same Host Rewards as if you’d held the party in your home.

    Catalog party

    If you're more comfortable with handing out a catalog to your friends or coworkers instead of asking that they shop online, a catalog party might be the best option for you. Your consultant will have helpful advice in how to make sure this type of party is successful.

Want to earn rewards?

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