Keri Evans


Keri Evans

One of the three Jamberry founders, Keri works alongside her sisters, Christy and Lyndsey, with Jamberry’s corporate team to oversee, test and create the company’s products. She is heavily involved in the design aspect of the products and helps create fun and creative looks on a daily basis.

When she and her two sisters decided to make a business out of nail wraps, she had no idea it would become what it is today. Her previous experience includes planning and arranging conferences for Empowering People, a company that provides parenting tools and information to parents.

Born and raised in Utah, Keri attended Utah Valley University and later on made her way to the Netherlands and surrounding areas where she lived for nearly two years and met her husband. As a mother, wife and business woman, Keri goes above and beyond in all of her roles.

As the most entrepreneurial sister at heart, Keri always found herself starting up little business ventures. From sewing bags to having headband parties, it only made sense that she would find herself as one of the founders of Jamberry.

The beginnings of Jamberry required a lot of hard work and endless hours from all of the sisters, but even though they may not have known how big this would become, she knew it was going to be something great.

Along with reading, traveling, exercise and music, Keri finds great joy in her work at Jamberry. “I like designing, being able to work with my sisters and hearing inspiring consultant stories. It’s why we do what we do.”

Favorite nail wrap: Midway Floral