Adam Hepworth


Adam Hepworth

As one of the co-founders of Jamberry, Adam manages the vision, strategy and growth of the company and assembles effective teams to achieve the company's goals. His insight and business savvy have made Jamberry the company it is today. With the understanding of the impact Jamberry has on so many lives, he leads the company toward continued success.

Adam has been with Jamberry since day one. When his wife Christy and her sisters Keri and Lyndsey had a vision, Adam stepped in and used his experience with production and business to bring the product to life.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Adam has always been an avid skier. Happiness for Adam comes in the form of hitting the slopes with friends or family, which led to his first business venture.

Prior to founding Jamberry, Adam was the CEO and co-founder of a ski manufacturing company. That experience definitely came in handy. Through his strong leadership and encouragement, Adam has taken the company and its employees to unforeseen heights, and everyone thanks him for it.

Though there are many things that Adam loves about this company, his favorite thing is the growth. "I like seeing the growth of people, products and processes. We started out as such a small company and have continued to grow and improve over time. I am constantly amazed at the personal growth that many of us have experienced."

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